Rural Tourism in Costa Rica


Rural Tourism in Costa Rica with the Santa Fe Women's Group

Rural Tourism in Costa Rica

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The Santa Fe Women's Group welcomes you to Rural Costa Rica. The Women's Group, a dedicated group of 19 women from Santa Fe de Guatuso in Costa Rica's Northern Zone, has a number of different projects and activities that show what real Costa Ricans are all about. The group has executed projects in biogas and reforestation, and is pursuing possibilities in a rural tourism initiative in Costa Rica's Northern Zone to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Guatuso region in a responsible, sustainable way.

BIOGAS Biogas in Costa Rica

In January 2006 the Santa Fe Women's Group started exploring alternative energy with its biogas project. Currently 16 families use biogas for all of their cooking needs, but there's still more to be done. Come see alternative energy at work with this biogas project.

RIO CELESTE Rio Celeste Costa Rica

Rio Celeste is a largely undiscovered tourist treasure in Costa Rica. Tucked away in the Tenorio Volcano National Park, Rio Celeste offers the curious visitor natural hot springs, an amazing waterfall, and the magical light-blue water color from a natural volcanic reaction. Rio Celeste.

TREE NURSERY Tree Nursery in Costa Rica

The Santa Fe Women's Group is making reforestation profitable. By expanding its tree nursery, the Group is helping tree production keep up with demand for tropical hardwoods. Learn more about this important reforestation effort.

RURAL TOURISM Rural Tourism in Costa Rica

The Women's Group can entertain visitors with a exciting projects and activities. Work in projects in alternative energy and weltands reforestation and enjoy fun events like soccer games and rodeos. Come see the real Costa Rica.

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