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I have lived in a rural town of 250 people in the north of Costa Rica for the past two years. Soon after moving to the area, I realized that the Spanish spoken in Costa Rica, especially in the countryside, is much different from the Spanish that I experienced while living in Ecuador and Chile. In order to capture some of these unique characteristics of the Spanish that I was learning every day, I started writing them down. After a few months I realized that some of the linguistic phenomena that I was encountering, especially in rural areas, would be of value to scholars of Spanish. Although I'm only a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Linguistics and Literature and am not a scholar myself, I have enough linguistic know-how to inform those who are interested (scholars or not) of the basic grammatical nature of the language that I am living in Costa Rica. Therefore, in the language sections of this site, I give a survey of all of the notable characteristics of Costa Rican language as I have lived it, but I offer very little when it comes to extensive linguistic analysis. This allows the scholars who view the site to pursue certain linguistic problems, as well as allows less-technical visitors to indulge their sometimes short attention spans. For the latter type, I have a Costa Rican Spanish Dictionary whose entries are listed alphabetically, each letter listed at the top of every page of this site.

If you have any questions about any of the dictionary entries or grammatical articles on the site, feel free send them to info@ruralcostarica.com. The dictionary on the site is already quite substantial, but the articles will be coming bit by bit, so please visit the site periodically as I publish more articles on Costa Rican Spanish topics.

Anyway, I hope you can find something that suites your Spanish-learning needs.

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